High heeled sandals

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Authentic CHANEL ESCARPINS Pearl /Black Pinkbeige PUMPS Heels/CC Logo SIZE 37.5

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Valentino $1075 Rockstud Y20 Leather Pumps in Size 38 NIB.!

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Valentino $995 Rockstud Blue Patent Leather Pumps in Size 36.5 NIB.!

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Valentino $995 Rockstud f49 Patent Leather Pumps in Size 38.5 NIB.!

它是真实的鞋子  从大商店购买的出售这个项目,提高卖家的易趣率。 我只与eBay做生意,请其他eBay的规则。 项目的价格是公司,所以请不要发送电子邮件协商价格。我将尽我最大的努力..

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Valentino Garavani Rockstud Leather Sling back Patent Leather Green

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Valentino Rockstud A06 Heel Leather Pumps Size37.5

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